The election themes of the Green List 2017

Student-orientated university

  • UEF must promote equality and fairness.
  • Students must have a chance to participate in the planning of curricula.
  • UEF must ensure a smooth transfer and integration of Savonlinna Campus to Joensuu Campus.
  • UEF must offer sufficient self-study facilities and meeting places for students.
  • UEF must offer interdisciplinary projects to students.
  • Student associations and clubs must be encouraged to develop activities in which international students can get involved.

Promotion of  well-being

  • UEF must offer high-quality study and career counselling to students.
  • The price of housing must be affordable and the construction of student housing must meet the demands, such as single-room apartments.
  • University sports services should maintain high quality and the Sykettä services should be constantly developed. Of especial importance is activate the students who wouldn’t otherwise do sports in their free time.
  • The Finnish Student Health Service needs more dental care providers to cut down the long waiting lines. Student satisfaction with the FSHS must be surveyed on a regular basis
  • We must strive to make vegetarian lunches even more popular at the student restaurants

Functioning communication

  • University teaching staff should be educated so that they can utilize new technologies in teaching in the best possible way
  • UEF should be more open and the communication of ISYY should be more efficient
  • Digital learning environments must be high-quality
  • There should be an electronic reservation system for the group work spaces in Joensuu campus library
  • The Student Union should continue to publish the student magazine Uljas

Sustainable development

  • The UEF Environmental Policy should have more ambition
  • UEF should divest from fossil fuels
  • Ecological and social sustainability should be taken into account in decision-making
  • The student restaurants should clearly display each dish’s climate impact and whether Fairtrade and organic products were used in making it