The election of the Council of Representatives for the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland is held in late October and early November. The advance voting starts on 28 October and lasts until 1 November, while the official voting lasts for two days, 5 and 6 November. You as exchange student can vote as well. Further instructions how to vote will be send through e-mail.

We are the Green candidates’ list covering all the three campuses. We aim at a cosy accessible and ecological university with equal opportunities for all – a university where you may choose when and where to study. We want more online materials, student flats and openness as well as we want to actively protect the environment. The Student Union should be an active societal opinion-maker and a feisty trustee of the students.
Further instructions in English:

Our Platform

The Active Student Union

  • More funds to subject association and hobby groups
  • The opportunity for physical exercise means happy and healthy student
  • Student Union meetings should be broadcasted online
  • Active participation on political issues. Free education for every student.

The University of Possibilities

  • Anonymity in exams
  • Flexible ways to study:

Active use of exam aquariums (where you can make exams anytime)
More classes and master programs in English
The possibility to take courses regardless of your campus

  • Better co-operation with other interest groups

The Green Campus

  • The Green campus is ecologically sustainable and comfy
  • Developments in public transport between the three campuses
  • Better accessibility on the campuses
  • Quality of the vegetarian food should be increased
  • Active communication, also in English

Our candidates: (The faces and more information here)

95 Arosanervo, Anu
96 Elsilä, Antti
97 Hietanen, Elina
98 Huikuri, Teemu
99 Kauppinen, Vera
100 Mulari, Harri
101 Ojala. Janne (sit.)
102 Pitko, Jarno
103 Tamio, Kim
104 Tamminen, Topias
105 Vesala, Iiris